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Michael Heckman
Micheal Heckman

Wealth Advisor

Micheal believes that financial advisors who invest in their own education achieve better outcomes for their clients. That’s because Micheal realizes how dynamic financial planning is. The waters are changing all the time. Whether it’s a shift in economic forecasts, the stock market or a client’s personal life, Micheal knows he must always be learning, adapting and evolving in order to inform and protect his clients as he helps them achieve their short- and long-term financial goals.

Rick Wedell
Rick Wedell

Chief Investment Officer

A veteran institutional investor with 14 years of experience managing both debt and equity, Rick was most recently an Executive Vice President, Head of Fixed Income Consumer Investments and Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bain Capital Credit. He helped grow the firm to $30.4bn in assets under management. Rick is a market-tested leader— having managed through the volatile markets of 2001 and 2008 where he experienced first-hand the importance of portfolio diversification and the trade offs between risk and return. He leads our Investment Team with the guiding principle of simple, straightforward analysis and investments—clarity of thought in a complex world. Learn more about RFG >

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As an independent advisor, we are empowered to serve our clients in-line with our values and our vision. So we’ve partnered with RFG, an innovative turnkey platform engineered specifically to support independent financial advisors like us. RFG handles much of the critical behind-the-scenes support required to run our successful business so that we can spend our time doing what we love — serving you, our clients.